What is Oppositional Cultural Practice™?

Welcome to a practice that heals hearts and transforms lives. Oppositional Cultural Practice™ is an integration of knowledge across the fields of psychology, sociology, law, theology, neuroscience, and philosophy. Transforming the human consciousness and solving the vexing problem of how to reduce errors in decision-making, is complex yet can be understood. Oppositional Cultural Practice™ is a stance toward life that connects at the problem level, the research level, and the solution level.


So what? Who cares? What’s in it for me?

Love your life. Humans can actively engage in informing and shaping how they understand the world. This practice brings psychological maturity and humanity to decision-making, thus reducing anxiety.

Everyone who lives on the planet has a vested interest in survival, and with each day, this ability becomes more and more less certain with the errors in decision-making that results from unconscious bias. A reduction in errors can lead to local and global security, reduction of stress, increased happiness, and a sense of belonging on a larger human social plane.


What does the word oppositional mean?

Oppositional Cultural Practice is an up-close approach to a decision, and its resolution is fully illuminated by desire to be courageous and creative in finding solutions that bring about human flourishing and wellbeing.

Through this practice, maturity (confronting and overcoming egotism) and humanity are developed. People then bring kindness and brotherly love to the systems and intuitions that exist to serve people. Healed people heal people.


How do I learn Oppositional Cultural Practice™?

Oppositional Cultural Practice™ is taught through online courses and in-person workshops. Workshops are tailored to address your goals. Groups and individuals receive support to grapple with both the intellectual and emotional aspects of humanity, making the practice transformational.  Learn more…


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