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Life is easier than you think.  the Educating Gossip, like you,  is entertained by “reality tv,” movies and “celebrity” personalities.  It makes ordinary existence fun and amusing.

However nothing is as good as living a rich civic life in balance with entertainment.   Active involvement in life’s everyday challenges  is fulfilling and makes a world of difference in successfully achieving balance and contentment in a demanding world.

the Educating Gossip talks about what will make the biggest positive impact on daily life and how simple yet effective action can get your life back on course.

Loving your life and living it well is the ultimate achievement.  Living well, you’ll discover, is not pursuing unhealthy and insatiable desires for more.  the Educating Gossip offers simple,  practical suggestions for the first steps toward opening yourself up to the immense and subtle beauty hidden within your everyday life as a citizen.



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