Gold Star People, Communities and US Election 2016

Many people in other countries around the globe risk violence to exercise their right to vote. Yet in the United States (US), less than half of those eligible to vote in presidential and mid-term elections actually go to the polls and vote.

Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of Democracy Now! Believes the low turnout is not largely attributed to apathy. There is a direct correlation between low voter turnout and obstacles to voting that make it a challenge for people to participate in this constitutional process. Ms. Goodman identifies several obstacles to voter participation. For example, “holding elections on just one day when most people are working, limiting hours that polling places are open, or requiring photo identification that disproportionately disenfranchises poor people and people of color. And then there are those who feel that there isn’t a significant difference between the candidates, or that money destroys the process so much that their vote doesn’t really count.”

Most people in the US care deeply about the country although they sometimes forget to think about the country within the global context that is the reality. Globalization is the new normal, like it or not. The US can no longer employ isolationism, barriers to trade and other methods used in prior centuries. Learning how to accept reality is a human challenge. It is a hero’s quest, to have the courage to live decently while creating a world that works for everyone. We here at the Educating Gossip ™ celebrate and spread the joy (“gossip”) of people who engage in their communities to create a world that works for everyone. We lift people and  communities up as we join them in bringing love and light to global human concerns.

You are invited to bring to this project your love, your light, and your best intentions to create a world that works for everyone. Comment, post on social media and enjoy being a part of a loving community that seeks to expose imbalances of power, restore balance of power, free those who are enslaved, and overcome (transcend) the tensions found in dualities: to accept reality, and yet live decently within it, creating peace and healing. Own it! Feel It! Live It! Love It!

From a cardboard hovel in a darkened street
To the well-lit windows of a penthouse suite
All are desperate souls with a human fate…
It’s the same old story keeping us apart”
And we all feel lost sometimes
And we all feel hurt inside
And we all cry and we all need

We All Need Songwriters-Bryan Duncan;Charles Barth


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