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As a social justice activist and social movement scholar, I believe the more irons in the fire (that is to say, creative solutions to the crisis), the better. When one solution gets hot, we can hit it and forge (implement) correction action.

What we can do Now:  Visual Signs of Protest and Support

Perhaps others in the industry who also believe things must change in order for people of color to be nominated more fairly, can quickly build a coalition amongst the people in the industry to wear arm bands, ribbons, something that stands out on camera on the night of the awards. This will show the academy and the world that the industry recognizes there is a crisis, and is willing to do something to bring about change.

Other Strategies

I appreciate Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments. I’m not certain, but think she is suggesting that the people in the industry come together and have their own alternate awards.

I still believe separate is not equal. At a time when there is support for modifications to the voting process the academy uses, I would advocate for weighted votes: the older you are, the less weight your vote gets. This action can be supported on at least two solid grounds: to reflect the voter’s distance from current events; and the voter’s probable status of not having viewed many of the recent movies under consideration. These are reasonable grounds for the action.

Although I hear Spike Lee and Rev. Al Sharpton’s call for a boycott, I believe it makes those who are concerned and are willing to work for a better solution invisible by their absence. Boycotts have their usefulness. I’m just not sure this is neither the time nor place to use that strategy. But again, more irons in the fire, more possible opportunities for solutions and positive resolution to the crisis.

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