Living it AND Loving it!

In August of 2014, a seminary awarded me a Changemaker Fellowship. After a year of academic study and research, I received a Certificate in Spirituality and Social Transformation in May of 2015. The journey over this past year has been intense and transformative. As a result, the mission for the Educating Gossip™ has taken on renewed energy and focus.

This October 24th , I presented a paper titled “Critical Race Theory, Transformation, and Praxis” at the ClassCrits VIII conference. The Educating Gossip™ is exploring the intersectionality of race, debiasing policy using the critique methodology developed by activists in the ClassCrits movement, and those of Daniel Kahneman, along with theological, psychological, and philosophical techniques to critique beliefs.

The Educating Gossip™ has been invited to present this paper to another group of activists this month. And, plans are being made to bring this teaching online. So, keep checking back to find out how you can benefit from this research.

Living it AND Loving it!

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