Exploring morality, policy, and spiritual transformation through critiquing Belief, Race, and Civic Engagement 

Today more than ever, people love celebrity gossip.  Hey, it’s entertaining.   We take it up a notch and talk about the people who shape public affairs.  We call them “poli-celebrities.”  We highlight the names, faces and ideas of some of the world’s best known thinkers.  We don’t  talk about their clothes or hairstyles, we have fun discovering what they believe about public affairs, where those beliefs come from, whether those beliefs are anchored in fact, and how this affects the decisions made on our behalf–for the common good.  Be entertained as you also discover your beliefs, what it feels like holding those beliefs, perhaps refining those beliefs, then living and loving your beliefs.

Our mission is inspired by the work of psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.

Educating Gossip™  is an experiment in individuals debiasing themselves. “It’s a special exercise to question your own intuitions. I think that almost the only way to learn how to debias yourself is to learn to critique other people.” Daniel Kahneman, Interview | McKinsey Quarterly “Strategic Decisions: When can you trust your gut?” March 2010

We focus  job/work, money, and health policies, and civil activities.  Yet there are so many other policy areas that, as we stumble upon them, we may make a brief note, and if your curiosity leads you do discover more–go for it!  And let us know what you find by posting comments or sending an e-mail to edugossip@gmail.com

the Educating Gossip™ Policy Focus:

  • Your Money
  • Your Health
  • Your Job/Work
  • Your Activist Life

Fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!  Get started by clicking any of the links below.

Own It, Feel It, Live It, Love It!

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